MLS Power Rankings: Miami moves up but Philly stays top; Galaxy takes a dip

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MLS has a sample size is now up to a whole 180 minutes per team! Well, except for the teams that have byes, so they’re still at 90 minutes. And not really for a few of the teams in the CONCACAF Champions League, because they sent out weaker teams this weekend to prepare for continental play midweek.

And then there are the teams that are still sorting out paperwork or fitness for new signings. And can you really judge a team with a new manager clearly still working out the kinks? But at least we have those two whole matches to make definitive statements about who is good and who is bad. Rank em!

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On one hand, Philly lost to Miami. On the other hand, they were still the better team and *gestures at all of last season*.

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The 2-0 scoreline in their win over RSL did not do the Sounders justice. The haters better savor last season’s missed playoffs. Seattle is back.

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LAFC turned off after going 3-0 up on Portland and it’s hard to blame them. They still won and the gap between the top three and the rest of the league looks massive right now.

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The Lions were clearly looking ahead to their CONCACAF Champions League clash with Liga MX side Tigres and just hoping to turn their match against Cincy into a rock fight for a point. They got their point and now it’s onto Monterrey.

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There was only so much the Garys could have done for their rep in Orlando. Win and everyone says “well, the Lions played their B team,” but lose and maybe they’re not contenders afterall. A draw splits the difference, but you could see the growth in Cincy’s play and the way they were able to dictate a lot of how that match was played in Florida. They need to get sharper, but what they showed bodes well for the rest of the season.

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Another season of MLS, another season of Maxi Urruti being a useful striker. It’s like clockwork, and it delivered Austin a deserved win over Montréal.

Previous ranking: 8

Are you dreaming on all that terrific play in the middle third translating to final third chances or asking yourself when their ability to drive play will actually turn into consistent winning? After their draw against Toronto, it’s much easier to be the latter, but we’ll be the former because you’ve gotta flirt with pain sometimes.

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Going into Red Bull Arena and walking away with a point is always a job well done, even if it left fans wondering what sport they just watched.

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We’ll see how long it takes for the Crew to really pick up Wilfried Nancy’s system, but they already show some level of confidence in it and, as they showed in their win over D.C., Lucas Zelarayán and Cucho Hernández can carry the team in the interim.

Previous ranking: 12

Two goals for Jesús Ferreira against the Galaxy, three points for Dallas and we could find ourselves in “he’s not just a one-season wonder!” territory soon, despite nobody actually calling the forward a one season wonder.

Previous ranking: 16

The results say Inter is a contender, especially after they beat Philly this weekend. The eye test isn’t quite as convincing, but those points live forever.

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RBNY’s 0-0 draw with Nashville had nine bruises for every shot attempt.

Previous ranking: 14

The Revs are back! Led by Bobby Wood! Welcome to the actually very real headlines of Matchweek 2, after the Revs beat down Houston.

Previous ranking: 17

TFC hired Bob Bradley and spent ungodly sums of money because they wanted to be exceptional, but the only thing exceptional about the team right now is their injury list. Taking a point from Atlanta, all things considered, ain’t bad.

Previous ranking: 15

The Timbers got absolutely smashed for 60 minutes before scoring a pair late to make things look more respectable in a 3-2 loss to LAFC, but the first hour sure looked a lot more representative of where this team is than the last half-hour.

Previous ranking: 21

It’s probably not a good thing that Quakes teams still get compared to the Goonies squad circa 2012 because well, it’s been that long since they were good. And this version of San Jose is not Goonies-level good, but it was very encouraging to see them come back to beat Vancouver without needing to be like the Goonies. They didn’t win by late-game madness, but instead by slowly and methodically growing into the match and then taking three well-deserved points. The Quakes are looking *gasp* reliably cromulent.

Previous ranking: 11

SKC looked pretty good in the opener and lost, so it only makes sense that they’d look shaky in Colorado this week and somehow walk away with a point.

Previous ranking: 18

RSL needs to cross their fingers people just saw the scoreline in their 2-0 loss to Seattle and didn’t watch the game because woof.

Previous ranking: 20

Early season byes are helpful when you’re still waiting for your best player to show up.

Previous ranking: 13

The Galaxy got absolutely burned in transition and their wingers were a black hole, but at least Dejan Joveljić looked good in the loss to Dallas. Sounds a lot like 2022.

Previous ranking: 19

There are a lot of moving parts in the Bronx, but as they showed in a draw with Chicago, a lot can be solved by having Keaton Parks in the midfield.

Previous ranking: 22

Charlotte conceded first by heading the ball into their own net, but at least they learned their lesson. Instead of repeating that same mistake for their next adventure in Gifting St. Louis Goals, they played a back pass right to City for an easy finish. That’s growth, kind of.

Previous ranking: 24

It’s been two weeks and, after two losses, it’s hard to figure out which is more worrying: the talent that went out the door in the winter or how inelegant a fit Hernán Losada is for the talent that is there.

Previous ranking: 23

DCU look like a competent, professional team. That is absolutely a backhanded compliment, but after the direction of the club in recent years, it is also a big step forward. Losing 2-0 in Columbus isn’t going to win them any plaudits, but you can see them figuring out who they are.

Previous ranking: 25

Once again, the Dynamo looked alright. And once again, they lost, this time to the Revs.

Previous ranking: 28

Another memorable win for St. Louis City that gives them iconic inaugural game and inaugural home game victories to savor forever. But while the victories are wonderful, it is still looking like fool’s gold. What’s going to happen when opposing teams stop handing them goals on a silver platter?

Previous ranking: 27

One day, Darren Yapi is going to turn those chances into goals and the Rapids are going to have themselves a special player, but for now he’s just an 18-year-old trying to polish off his game and they could only manage a draw at home with SKC.

Previous ranking: 26

Two games, two losses, but at least their winter goalkeeper signing of Yohei Takaoka looks like a home run. Now if they could just not ask him to do so much.

Previous ranking: 29

A point! But only one at home against an NYCFC team in transition? Eh. And the injuries are starting to pile up? Oh no.

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