Tv Star Trevor Noah Is Leaving The Hosting Of 'The Daily Show'

The Host Of "The Daily Show" Trevor Noah Has Announced His Resignation From The Host Of The Show

Trevor Has Tweet On Thursday And Shared Video And Said that After Seven Year Of Hosting Comedy Central Satricial News Program His Time IS Up

"It's been Absolutely Amazing. It's Something That I Never Expected", Noah Shared His Experience About The Show

"I Found My Self thinking throughout the time of everything We Have Gone Through

The Trump Presidency, just the journey, More Pandemic And I Realize That After The Seven Years, My Time IS UP"

Noah, A Stand Up Comedian from South Africa, was A Relative newcomer To American Audiences When He Was named as Host Of "The Daily SHOW" after Jon Stewart signed off in 2015  

"I want To Say Thank You to You, To You Who Watched This", Trevor Said "I Never Dreamed That I Would Be Here".

He Did not share When Is His Final Show Would Be, But he said he'd be still be around for A While.

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